Thursday 29 November 2012


I wanted to do express my thanks to all Mac Preschool and Childcare parents. I appreciate everything you have given the childcare and especially the big difference you have truly made in our school's program when you began to involve more in our daily activities. I want to assure you that by this participation, you will give your child some of the sweetest memories in her/his life.
Being an outstanding parent is a big challenge for all of us.
Special Thanks for Dr. Sherazi for her time spent telling the children wonderful stories and puppet show. Also Dr. Shariff for the small workshop for the children that will be taking place on Friday Dec 7th, 2012 about "how to clean your teeth!". Last but not least, I want to thank Sister Hadia (Layan's mother) for her kind acts and always being there to help!

Again, I greatly appreciate your generosity.