Wednesday 14 November 2012

Stand Up! (to Bullying)

This week is the Stand Up! (to Bullying) at Abraar school and the daycare. During the week we will focus on this theme. Some people may still wonder:
Does bullying really exist among young children? The answer is a clear yes. Some teachers and parents may still wait for this confirmation. Our goal this week is to raise awareness for the teachers, parents and children. We will observe the children from different angles and analyze their behaviours. The purpose is also to make the children feel that we are always there to help, assisting the children to be brave and how to stand up for his or her self such as a loud "Leave me alone!" can do wonders.
Parents, please tell the teachers if you feel that your child is uncomfortable. Teach your child to tell the teacher and make it a goal to build up his/her confidence.