Monday 10 December 2012

Earth Day

Dear parents,

I am happy to introduce the new theme of December; Nature and Caring for the environment. We are now focusing on engaging the children to take action and help their environment. Through the support of staff and parents, they will learn about conserving water and electricity and the beautiful planet we live in. For ideas, worksheets and more, visit the EcoKids website at: 

Best regards,

Monday 3 December 2012


Insh'allah this week we will focus on the different cleaning methods. We will encourage the children to act in gentle manners and emphasize on Kids' etiquette of keeping the place, clothes, hands, and the floor clean and tidy. This in turn will  help the child develop and practice good manners at the table.
Role modelling also helps teach children to be caring and clean, we will focus on good manners while eating at the table this week.
Dear parents,
It is never too early to begin teaching children good manners. Because the teachers are already very good role models for them by keeping everything in the daycare clean and fresh, I kindly ask you to work with us on these manners while you are at home and continue our work with the children on this topic. I guarantee your efforts will not be lost and we will come to wonderful results based on this theme insha allah.