Tuesday 2 October 2012

September 2012 Newsletter

Dear Parents:

Please be advised that there is $75 renewal registration fee for this month. The monthly daycare fees are to be paid in full amount before the 15th of the month by cash or cheque please.

Program Changes:

Newsletters will be sent electronically by emails now, hopefully making it more convenient for the parents to have time to read, and save paper!
We strongly encourage parents to bring their children early in the morning by 8:30am or 9:00am so children can get the advantage of the program in the daycare and not interrupt the program when coming later at an inappropriate time, unless needed (like coming from an appointment).


Colours – activities and circle time will be implemented around this theme to enhance the child’s learning. This will help the child to understand and identify the various different colours and differentiate between the colours. Games such as the cookie song game at circle time, the game Candyland, and a few other games will help understand colour concepts.

Alphabets and Numbers – these concepts will also be implemented throughout the classroom in various activities, helping the child to grasp the concept of letters, numbers, and possibly the different sounds that a certain letter sounds like. The game Go Fish or the matching game with alphabet cards or number cards, books, and certain toys will help children with these concepts.

Friendly Reminders:

Please kindly remember to sign your child in and out on the preschool attendance when dropping off and picking up your child.

Please provide a Kleenex box and wipes for the month if you haven’t already.

We also would like to extend a special thank you for those parents who were very understanding and considered our request to follow MAC policy and come on time to pick up their children.

Jazaka Allah Khairan,

The preschool staff